Tara is a river in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Formed of two rivers, Opasanica and Verusa below the mountain Komovi. The last 40 km of the river Tara is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in several places makes the border between the two countries.

In Scepan polje , along with the Piva River constitutes the Drina River. It is known as "Tear of Europe". In the upper stream of water from the river can be drink. The Tara canyon is 1333 m deep which makes it the deepest in Europe. Tara itself is 146.4 km long, with an average fall of 4.5 m / km, the basin area 1853 km². Most of the Tara River (including its canyon) is under the UNESCO protection as part of the National park Durmitor.

TARA RIVER CANYON fullfil the three conditions (FROM WHICH ONE WAS SUFFICIENT) to become a World Heritage Site by UNESCO NATURAL RESOURCES, to have a geological phenomenon, hydrological and biological phenomena.

This river is ideal for rafting, rafting and fishing (especially in the place where Kolasin is ideal for fly fishing). The most attractive part of rafting is in the last 25 km of the river and the canyon of Tara. One of the pioneers who advocated for the protection of the Tara and against the construction of hydropower plants on Tara was a geographer Milorad Vasovic. It was in September 2004. when he gave NGO "Most" information about support 562 scientists from Europe and the world, as well as the fact that the World Congress of Geographers 1984. in Edinburgh unanimously welcomed action to save Tara. The result of the campaign "Necu baru, hocu Taru" was the adoption of the "Declaration on the Protection of the Tara River" in the Parliament of Montenegro on 14th December 2004.

Air temperatures in the canyon of Tara in the summer reaches over thirty degrees Celsius during the day, while the nights are still fresh and pleasant in the summer often drop below 15 degrees. Water temperatures range from 7-8 to maximum 11-12 degrees in the summer. Tara River in the last thirty kilometers of its course forms the border between the Republic of Serbian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Montenegro.